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Business Development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Exploring growth opportunities through new market expansion, new product launch, partnering, acquisition, licensing and aligning companies and products that best align with their goals is a constant process and needs dedicated resource and time to do business development activities.

By providing business development support services, IBRSoluTions enables enterprises to scale up and improve their operations and succeed in this competitive world. We earn our client’s trust by consistently delivering high-quality, actionable business insight and competitive intelligence. Our clients gain significant competitive advantages, including the knowledge gained from mining the industry’s deepest analog repository containing unmatched data and insights into major launches, and an expert worldwide team of industry professionals who formulate best-in-class tactical and strategic analysis. We play a very important form of support for enterprises by providing a range of business advice, information and support services.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Business Development Services:

Business Development Services
  • Identification of New Business Opportunities

  • Contract Design, Development & Negotiation

  • New Technology/Product Venture Support

  • Identification & Optimization of Strategic Partners

  • Strategic Liaisoning & Relationship Management

  • Business Proposal Drafting

  • Procurement Support

  • M&A Support

Identification of New Business Opportunities

  • Good business opportunity is that which is a techno-economically and commercially viable and feasible and environmentally sustainable proposition; and business opportunity identification and selection are like comer stones of business enterprise. IBRSoluTions identify new business opportunities for client depending on their need and capabilities. We work with various enterprises ranging from new entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies. We help in new business opportunities identification to start ups for new technologies identification whereas to established enterprises for market expansion and business vertical expansion.

Contract Design, Development & Negotiation

  • IBRSoluTions provides the full range of commercial contracting and sourcing support for enterprises. We help in full life cycle of contracting operations, forms development, contract counseling and negotiation, training, vendor management and dispute resolution. From model form development through contract negotiation, documentation, implementation and management, we utilize lawyers with extensive experience to meet each client's substantive and budgetary requirements.

    We provide the full range of commercial and contract support associated with manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and sales and distributions functions, including the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and conversion, storage of finished products, domestic and international supply, distribution and sales representations. We have also assisted in the negotiation of a wide range of commercial contracting agreements, including technology procurement and licensing, system implementation agreements, data access and management agreements (including cloud computing and health information exchange agreements), and marketing and sponsorship agreements.

New Technology/Product Venture Support

  • IBRSoluTions facilitates access to sources of technology, innovation and financing, match individual technology needs in the most effective and efficient way, and assist in the transfer and integration of innovation into practice. We identify, analyze and help to commercialize emerging technologies by licensing, strategic partnerships and joint ventures technology development.

Identification & Optimization of Strategic Partners

  • Every organizational strategy is to outdo competition and emerge as a leader and globalization has brought in its wake myriad opportunities to achieve this goal along with unprecedented challenges. So collaboration with a strategic partner can provide an outside-in perspective and guidance aligned with the business strategy at hand. Further, organizations also need models to share the risk and expect more ownership on outcomes from the partner.

    IBRSoluTions provides solutions for identification of potential partners, their analysis and optimization. We enable clients to realize expected business value and outcome, lowering the risk of change and hastening the process of benefit realization.

Strategic Liaisoning & Relationship Management

  • Strategic liaison is to understand business strategy and identify new technologies and implement them that will improve and enhance an organization's business goals, whereas business relationship management is a formal approach to understanding, defining, and supporting inter-business activities related to business networking. Both are interrelated and are essential in delivering the policy and strategy elements of the corporate plan.

    IBRSoluTions helps to develop and maintain a strong relationship with their assigned key strategic both internal and external partners by providing effective, regular communications between the key strategic vendor, peer groups and membership. We proactively inform, advice and influence key stakeholders to ensure that they have a positive impact on the pursuit of the enterprise objectives. We also help to establish strategic liaisoning & relationship management system in an organization and ensure it to operate effectively by establishing and maintaining sound administrative procedures and managing the collation, analysis and dissemination of business information.

Business Proposal Drafting

  • A business proposal represents a first impression of a company, a marketing tool and a new business opportunity. At the same time it creates obligations of performance and even presents opportunities for loss. IBRSoluTions provides business proposal writing service for both solicited and unsolicited proposals. With exceptional writing and strategic skills needed for must-win opportunities, we provide artisanship, compelling salesmanship, thoughtful risk identification and on-time delivery. Understanding the important consequences with a proposal writing, we remain steadfast in our meticulous attention to detail and transparent in our processes.

Procurement Support

  • A healthy supply chain to the internal customer requirement is a must to run an enterprise smoothly and efficiently. Increased demand from internal people is one very tangible indicator of procurement’s growing importance to the company. But with increase in demand if not resourced adequately, can overwhelm already lean internal teams, actually eroding their overall impact.

    IBRSoluTions procurement support service is responsible for providing goods and services and a variety of support functions related to material and service acquisitions. We help enterprise procurement teams to enable them meeting their targets, expand their reach and keep pace with rising expectations.

M&A Support

  • Mergers and acquisitions offer unique opportunities for suitors to expand market share, establish new growth platforms, develop new capabilities, gain scale, enhance profitability, and recruit new talent but at the same time have many complicated considerations. Successful transactions must be carefully assessed and evaluated to avoid unexpected surprises and maximize return. Further, M&A strategy should align with company’s broader corporate strategy.

    IBRSoluTions is trusted on a full range of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services. We provide rigorous market research, studies, analyses, and strategy to help companies for successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration. We work with corporate executives and private equity firms, and provide end-to-end capabilities, from initial screening to value acceleration to synergy realization after the acquisition. From financial and operational due diligence – to risk and compliance expertise, our team of functional and technical professionals help stakeholders uncover every nuance of the target company, as well as identify any potential issues, to ensure the best outcome possible. Our research-driven methodology enables us to conduct thorough commercial due diligence in real time. We identify and assess targets based on a client’s strategic objectives, potential synergies, organizational and cultural fit, and the feasibility of a deal.

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