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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information that provides direction to companies better understand their competition so that we can make appropriate and effective business and research decisions. It is a methodical approach to build up and analyze public information about competitors' strengths, weaknesses, interests and intentions, for use by an organization.

Competitor's capabilities and intentions information provide a solid basis for improving anything relates to a product, service, technology, capability or market position and strategic plans. A competitive intelligence report highlights major roadblocks to technology or product development and identifies opportunities for R&D and future product development, patenting, licensing, etc. The report evaluates products, people, companies, and best practices and provides insights on competition within a defined market.

IBRSoluTions provides best-in-class Competitive Intelligence services to help our clients to be competitive and stay ahead in their business and product strategies. We collect competitive intelligence from all possible information sources. Our team consists of highly experience professionals and management graduates to provide high class competitive intelligence report to our clients to take correct decision with respect to pipeline selection, R&D development and product launch.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Competitive Intelligence Services:

Competitive Intelligence Services
  • Competitors Landscape

  • Competitor Portfolio Analysis

  • Competitive Assessment Surveys

  • Competitive Trends Assessment

  • Company Profiling & Analysis

  • Industry Profiling & Analysis

  • Competitive Due Diligence

  • Competitor Watch

  • Competition Watch

  • Industry Activity & White Space Analysis

  • Patent Portfolio Identification

Competitors Landscape

  • Competitor Landscape is a comprehensive analysis of products or services in a single category of competition, relative to one business. It is designed to analyze a set of competitors or the competitive landscape of a particular technical area to identify and understand competitors, followed by an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and how the target business can improve upon what its competition is doing. The competitor landscape includes identification of major competitors and new entrants, analysis of their patent portfolios, product, market segment, price comparison and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. The assessment can be used to predict competitors' future directions and to benchmark their relative threat level. Competitor analysis is a most crucial element of any company’s marketing and R&D strategy.

    IBRSoluTions provides competitor landscape services giving a detailed analysis which provides a decisive edge to a company and allows management and R&D teams to benchmark their IP position against the rival competitors. The detailed product descriptions and relevant industry news, a survey of competitor promotion and maps showing distribution of competing products helps in planning marketing strategies and acts as a driving force for the marketing department of an organization.

Competitor Portfolio Analysis

  • Competitor portfolio analysis is a systematic way to analyze the products and services that make up a company business portfolio. Tracking and analyzing competitor portfolio gives you an overview of new coming challenges and helps you to take proactive measures to stay ahead.

    IBRSoluTions provides comprehensive competitor portfolio analysis services to quickly benchmark the strengths and weaknesses of competitor portfolio and their comparison against those of your portfolio by comprehensive analysis of products, price, market, pipeline, patents and non-patent literature including Products, Scientific Journals, Magazine Articles, Trade Magazines, Catalogs/Manuals, Newspaper, White Papers, Conference Proceedings, Book Citation Index, Blogs, Regulatory filings, Premarket Approvals (PMA), 510k filings, etc.

Competitive Assessment Surveys

  • Competitive analysis survey is a customer survey designed to gain specific knowledge about customer perceptions, buying habits, and shopping preferences as they relate to you and your competitors. It allows you to identify areas where you excel, as well as areas that need improvements in order to grab market share away from a competitor.

    As identifying customer expectations that impact satisfaction such as product quality, price, customer experience, and level of technical support can result in new marketing strategies and tactics to capitalize on organizational strengths and improve standing in the market, IBRSoluTions provides competitive assessment survey to collect and analyze data that can provide the tools necessary to leverage information into a blueprint for success, resulting in direct action that improves satisfaction levels of your customers.

Competitive Trends Assessment

  • Business needs to keep pace with the changing competitive environment to sustain and grow. Market and industry dynamics change with change in competitive rivalry, bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threat of new entry, substitute products, political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. Also business may find itself serving unattractive markets, offering obsolete products, employing obsolete technology or dissipating its resources in diversified and non-core operations.

    IBRSoluTions provides assessment of the market and industry and its trends consists of obtaining strategic market intelligence, and interpreting the threats and opportunities.

Company Profiling & Analysis

  • A company profile is the most effective way to acquire business intelligence and gain vital information on your customers, prospects, competitors and suppliers. Each profile provides a strategic evaluation of the company and an assessment of its market and competitive positioning, together with category and geographic opportunities, brand strategy analysis, company operations and recommendations for driving growth. Company profiling and analysis requires thorough incision into a company's corporate structure, and keeping track of significant news, business articles, SEC filings, financial analysis, etc.

    IBRSoluTions provides comprehensive company profiles along with valuable industry information to global organizations. We put together an in-depth understanding of a particular company which will most probably be your competitor or acquisition target to you a thorough insight into the company’s performance and give you the required capacity to analyze areas that need immediate improvement to make wise decision.

Industry Profiling & Analysis

  • Industry profiling is the key to understand opportunities for better financial growth, improved profits and a larger client base. A complete industry profiling campaign enables a business to be abreast of the latest as well as historical happenings in the industry.

    IBRSoluTions provides enterprises with up to date and relevant information on any given industry to gain insight into different industry verticals. Our industry profiles allow a thorough examination and comparison of sector performances at various levels of an industry, including displaying transaction data, estimating changes, researching investments, important events etc.

Competitive Due Diligence

  • Competitive due diligence is to evaluate the investigating target companies or competitors and contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits, and risks. It determines the art of the possible and tempers it with real-world practicalities and at the same time uncovers and anticipates business risks and must design practical solutions for mitigation.

    IBRSoluTions provides independent, fact-based analysis regarding a target’s most pressing commercial and operational issues. We conduct side-by-side analysis of the market landscape, securing the customers’ perspective, assessing the competitive dynamics, auditing operations, and analyzing multiple cost/revenue scenarios with targets or competitors and even combine company to view the projected results of a merged company. Our approach accelerates the process, maximizes value, and reduces buyers’ risks, thereby framing the acquisition for a well-structured ownership and eventually, an efficient exit.

Competitor Watch

  • Keeping your eyes on your competitors is the only way to make to make sure you are thwarting threats, taking advantage of opportunities, marketing effectively, and, ultimately, winning in the marketplace. Further, identifying new competitors and tracking their activities who could affect your company, products and brands, suppliers, and distributors.

    IBRSoluTions provides competitor identification and competitor behavior analysis services to ensure our clients to be well informed of competitor’s moves and supports companies to stay ahead of the competition and be the most successful.

Competition Watch

  • Competition Watch gives you the edge needed to stand out among your top competitors within your particular industry. This not only provides information about the competition but also helps to find a strategic partner. Knowing competition environment and preparing yourself for it is an important part of running a successful business.

    The best way to gain insight into what is going on in your industry to constantly keeping surveillance over the competitors, new market entrant, probable new players, new technologies relevant to the industry, any new financial transaction happening in your domain. IBRSoluTions provides competition watch services by closely monitoring the activities inside and around your industry domain and update you regularly to keep you ahead in your field.

Industry Activity & White Space Analysis

  • With time markets mature, competition intensifies, new consumer behaviors constantly emerge and new technologies are invented. Organizations constantly look for new sources of differentiation up and down the value chain to uncover opportunities that are not obvious, identifying new openings untouched by competitors or considering being part of what was traditionally deemed a remote, different industry or outside the boundaries of the firm.

    Industry activity analysis and white space mapping is becoming an important strategic exercise for organizational learning and strategic planning. IBRSoluTions provides industry activity and white space analysis services to identify new profit growth opportunities by defining potential gaps in existing markets, entirely new markets or mapping incremental innovation in products or services. We help by creating a map of all these interacting elements and correlate these with customer needs and technology trends.

Patent Portfolio Identification

  • Patent portfolio analysis of a company gives you an overview of all patents belonging to a specific company. It helps to gain knowledge of company’s patents, main markets, the value of their inventions compared to other inventions in the same technical area and company’s innovation direction.

    IBRSoluTions provides patent portfolio identification services to ensure alignment between business goals and patent strategy by analysing patent portfolio of our clients, identifying the gaps, and finding a target patent portfolio which will complement one’s innovation and product. We help to find the required patent portfolio either by licensing, partnering or acquiring.

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