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Innovation is the key to be successful and grow in today’s competitive world but at the same time protecting the innovation from competition is most essential part to stay ahead of competitors. Companies create the foundation for product innovation and development by aligning IP strategy with business and innovation strategy. Intellectual asset management is a key driver of success in the global marketplace. With the right people, processes and technology to manage IP assets add strategic and economic value to an organization.

IBRSoluTions provides expert guidance throughout the IP management process to align organization’s IP strategy with fundamental business strategies, and help clients tackle the IP management function in alignment with innovation expectations. We work with organizations to deliver significant and sustainable value from their innovation by managing their IP portfolios.

Our innovation IP Management Service gives you the power to enable collaboration between departments, speed decision making and protect those critical assets. It helps you maximize the value of your portfolio on an ongoing basis on your investment on innovation. We empower our clients and take their burden off and advise them on patent development decisions.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Innovation IP Management Services:

Innovation IP Management Services
  • Develop and Set IP Strategy

  • IP Portfolio Creation

  • IP Portfolio Protection

  • IP Portfolio Management & Commercialization

  • Gap Analysis

  • White Space Analysis

  • Technical IP Services

  • Identification of Patentable Technology

  • Patenting Modified Technology

Develop and Set IP Strategy

  • IP strategy is the development of a course of actions that utilizes intellectual property to enable a company to sustainably realize higher prices, increase market share, and maintain lower costs than the competition. With the rising importance of intellectual property, the importance of IP strategy is being recognized in an increasing number of industries and companies. A successful IP strategy must make a meaningful contribution to corporate profit generation.

    IBRSoluTions helps organizations to develop and set IP strategy to enable them obtaining maximum IP protection. We help companies for making IP strategy to convert these valuable IP assets into advantage and make significant contributions to the competitive advantage of the companies in which we all operate.

IP Portfolio Creation

  • Building a patent portfolio rather than merely getting a single patent for commercially viable invention is the best strategy to prevent competition, stay ahead and succeed in the marketplace with innovation. But at the same time, a company should not patent every idea that comes along.

    IBRSoluTions works alongside inventors and creative thinkers to predict the direction of evolving technology. We help companies and inventors to generate robust innovation disclosures that have the potential to be mined for a multitude of future claims and consistently capture near-term valuable technologies. We assist you to build a strong and valuable patent portfolio including issued patents and pending applications.

IP Portfolio Protection

  • Building and protecting an intellectual property portfolio is one of the keys to developing a profitable enterprise for any technology-based company.

    IBRSoluTions provides IP portfolio protection services to help clients identify and screen inventions, determine the patentability of these inventions, and evaluate the economic value of a patent application on their inventions. We help companies to protect a balanced IP portfolio along with the alignment of their technologies and products.

IP Portfolio Management & Commercialization

  • Obtaining intellectual property protection is important for anyone wanting to maintain rights to their inventions, designs or creative work but at the same time managing a good IP portfolio is the key to stay ahead in the competition. IP portfolio management requires consistent review, investment and updating. To know your existing patents; their technology, scope, strengths, limitations, as well as keeping up on your newly issued patents is a never ending task.

    We at IBRSoluTions have the technical backgrounds to understand our client’s underlying technology and the business planning skills to understand the key trends affecting their targeted markets. We are experienced in analyzing portfolios to present a variety of strategic alternatives for leveraging intangible assets into new market opportunities and revenue streams. These strategies include technology and merchandise licensing, business format franchising, joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnering, co-branding and cooperative/federations. We help to integrate patenting activity with the overall goals and plans of the business.

Gap Analysis

  • Organizations often encounter roadblocks on the way to achieve their potential. Setting a target is only part of the challenge but achieving it needs a deliberate and detailed plan to bridge the difference between what is currently in place, and the new requirements. A gap analysis and assessment helps to eliminate these roadblocks by comparing actual performance to potential performance.

    IBRSoluTions provides gap analysis services to identify systems, processes and documentation which may need improvement. We help our clients to understand the performance of their systems against the requirements of the related targeted objectives of the organization.

White Space Analysis

  • Market matures as time progress, competition intensifies, new consumer behaviors constantly emerge and new technologies are invented. Organizations constantly look for new sources of differentiation up and down the value chain to uncover opportunities that are not obvious, identifying new openings untouched by competitors or considering being part of what was traditionally deemed a remote, different industry or outside the boundaries of the firm. White Space is a prerequisite to identify an area where an invention may be generated, or to design an appropriate strategy and identify a market that may be exploited or even in identifying a niche product. White space analysis is becoming an important strategic exercise for organizational learning and strategic planning.

    IBRSoluTions provides white space analysis services to identify new profit growth opportunities by defining potential gaps in existing markets, entirely new markets or mapping incremental innovation in products or services. We help by creating a map of all these interacting elements and correlate these with customer needs and technology trends. It guides companies towards competitive, defensive, licensing, collaborative, and most importantly, the R&D activities.

Technical IP Services

  • New technology and its protection is the key to success but need lot of time and money to achieve it. Sound technical knowledge combined with the thoughtful evidence-based approaches along with its IP protection knowledge is required to achieve the target of any organization.

    IBRSoluTions offers the technical expertise required to evaluate a new invention, IP proposition, or prior art for the purpose of patent application or defense. We provide expert and credible testimony, research or backup for the purposes of defending or acquiring IP protection under the law, for a broad array of technical disciplines.

Identification of Patentable Technology

  • Technologies are constantly evolving to meet the new demands and growing life style of society. As technologies life cycles shrink and business models change, organizations are always in pressure to innovate and succeed in the market.

    IBRSoluTions analyzes technologies in a particular domain, identifies the gap and scope for improvement and advises on strategic direction on technology investments for our clients. We identify technological opportunities and threats within and outside of their industry and ecosystem. We help in identification of new technology from ideation, proof of concept, patenting, product development, commercialization and beyond.

Patenting Modified Technology

  • Technology environment is becoming increasingly complex due to disruption and convergence of technologies, leading to shortening of technology life cycles whereas every time going new technology is time taking and costly. So improvisation of existing technology is the need of the hour but protecting the improvised technology is a must to avoid competition and stay ahead of competitors.

    IBRSoluTions gives consultation to organization for improving their existing technologies to cope up with growing demand of new product and technology. At same time we look for patentability activity of improvised technology to prevent others for using it.

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