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Innovation Management is a process of managing research and development (R&D) and innovation within an organization. Innovation Management is performed to capture innovation at every step of product development so as to ascertain that no inventive steps/ processes are missed out. This enables the client to generate maximum revenues from his R&D and maintain an impressive patent portfolio.

An innovation management campaign can cover many bases, from patent research and mapping to marketing and investor relations. IBRSoluTions has a wide experience in a variety of industries that allows it to offer innovation management services as per the Client's requirements. IBRSoluTions team of innovation cell has the experience and education which brings in ideas from both different resources to add value to new designs and ideas. Our consulting services also help to understand how a product is different from the current market, who the potential customers are and why investors should be attracted to this particular idea. Outsourcing innovation management to IBRSoluTions frees up a company’s internal resources. We provide innovation management services starting from conceiving of ideas till IP portfolio management and commercialization.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Innovation Management Services:

Innovation Management Services
  • Ideation & Conceptualization

  • Virtual Product Prototyping

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • R&D Support & Decision Making

  • Technical Support for Design Around

  • Innovation Process Consulting

Ideation & Conceptualization

  • Innovation is the key to survive and grow in this competitive world as new products and technologies are emerging regularly. Ideation and conceptualization is the beginning of any innovation.

    We at IBRSoluTions help our clients generating new ideas. We conduct ideation brainstorming sessions that involve solving real world technology problems faced by scientists and engineers using proven problem solving methodologies. We also provide continuous inputs on developments in a particular field to scientists and engineers empower them with the knowledge of latest happenings in their field are more likely to come up with new ideas that make an impact.

Virtual Product Prototyping

  • As new products continue to be designed and developed every day, the need and demand for High Quality Prototypes is becoming even greater. Technology advancement and skilled engineers allow our team to build the most professional & highest quality prototypes available.

    We at IBRSoluTions provide prototypes for every need, including virtual prototypes, early stage concepts, prototypes that demonstrate functionality and final prototypes that are cosmetically accurate and engineered for production.

Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Target Identification and evaluation: It uses a thorough Patent/Technology Landscape Analysis to identify potential patent portfolios and/or companies that fit a client’s criteria for acquisition or In-licensing, as well as those that may be infringers of an existing patent or portfolio. Coupled with detailed claims mapping work, the study enables a client to take a prioritized approach to any transaction it faces.

    Transaction Support: It combines research support for the transaction in question including evaluation of related patents and the market context within which they exist, with guidance regarding transaction structuring issues and market heuristics for key business terms.

    Commercialization strategy: IBRSoluTions commercialization strategy support work begins with a detailed assessment of a client’s patent portfolio and where it fits within the relevant technology domain and market space. The portfolio is assessed in terms of the intrinsic strength of the patents included, as well as the value of its IP to the economics in its marketplace. Taken together, these provide the basis for execution of an effective commercialization effort.

R&D Support & Decision Making

  • R&D organizations face unprecedented business pressures, including increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, unsustainable fixed-cost models, and the complexity of managing numerous vendor partners and technology systems.

    IBRSoluTions provides innovative solutions that help companies focus on the science of getting new products to customer faster. We help in focusing on customer engagement throughout development, advancing the next generation of R&D operating models resulting in better collaboration, driving scientific and operational excellence and enabling efficient information analysis and harnessing the digital R&D revolution, using real world data to address customer needs.

Technical Support for Design Around

  • Invalidation is the not the only way to come out from the patent barriers. The patent may be designed around the patents to avoid the infringement of the patent. Though a slight modification of the patented invention can lead to infringement of the patent, a well guided modification which does not fall under the purview of the claims of the patent lead to non-infringement of the patented invention.

    IBRSoluTions provides technical support for design around services to companies to prepare a non-infringing product or process. We give technical advice to make the necessary modification of the invention for the generation of all possible topological structures of working mechanisms to avoid existing inventions that have patent protection.

Innovation Process Consulting

  • In this era of constant change, the way a company delivers value today likely won’t be the same way that it delivers value tomorrow and companies recognize the need to continually innovate to uncover new sources of revenue, sustainable competitive advantage and business growth. But at times company gets stuck in a rut as a new product is not working, brand lose its glow or customers unimpressed, hence needed rebooting innovation process.

    IBRSoluTions provides process innovation consulting services helping companies get back on track by implementing new systems for managing innovation. We explore strategy with fresh eyes, uncover new and unexpected sources of inspiration and bring a rare mix of bold imagination and disciplined pragmatism. From new products, services and business models that meet new patterns of demand to replicable innovation processes and a culture that fosters entrepreneurship, we can help you meet growth challenges of all shapes and sizes.

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