Intellectual Property Research Solutions


Technologies and products are being developed at an extraordinary rate in today’s competitive global marketplace; and defining and protecting innovation and creativity is increasingly difficult and complex. Intellectual property is becoming more global and complex, putting increasing demands on time and resources. Skilled counsel knowledgeable in the underlying sciences and technologies of innovations has become critical for protection of intellectual property.

We at IBRSoluTions understand new challenges in Intellectual property protection and can provide unique and global solutions. Our blend of global expertise, resources and technology helps ease our client’s workflow, map out strategies with confidence and act decisively in times of change. We see Intellectual property protection and management as a strategic issue and have developed people, processes and technologies to promote sound and cost-effective stewardship of intellectual property.

We are a leading intellectually property solutions provider helping organizations around the world secure, manage and monetize their IP assets. We help customers gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their IP opportunities. Our intellectual property research services cover the entire range of conceptualization, protection, management and commercialization of patents. Our research solutions are leveraged by corporations, inventors, IP specialists, patent/licensing managers, attorneys and R&D teams in enterprises, law firms, Universities, R&D institutes, technology transfer firm, SMEs, startups and VCs.

Our multidisciplinary team provides depth of experience combined with up-to-date technical knowledge to allow our clients the best overall package. Our IP consultants have strong technical backgrounds and extensive legal and commercial experience. Our team members, comprising of Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys, are highly skilled and qualified in different areas of technology. From validity search and other prior art searches to tech landscape studies or white space analysis to patent drafting or evaluating opportunities for out-licensing and patent valuation, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning the entire patent lifecycle from conceptualization to commercialization.

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