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Monitoring competitor’s patent portfolio is vital for any business to keep ahead of its competition. Monitoring not only helps keep an eye on moves being made by known players but also in spotting new entrants to a field. Further monitoring patents for specific technologies is also essential component of any business strategy to compete in this ever changing technology world.

Watching newly published applications and newly granted patents as well tracking status of patent applications gives direction to product development processes like benchmarking, strategy formulation and trend spotting.

IBRSoluTions provides IP alert services helping clients to identify new publications and monitor the status of patent applications and granted patents based on client-specific search criteria. We monitor new patent application, new patent family member as well track changes to a variety of Patent Registers including IPO, USPTO PAIR and EPO. We provide various IP Alert Services to help you stay ahead.

IBRSoluTions provides the following IP Alert Services:

IP Alert Services
  • Patent Watch

  • Patent Legal Status Update

  • Patent Litigation Update

  • Patent Infringement Watch

  • Patent Family Watch

  • Proprietor Watch

Patent Watch

  • Patent watch is a process for monitoring newly issued patents as well as newly published patent applications on a periodic basis to see if any of those might be of interest. We are performing Patent watch based on assignee, inventor, subject matter or any other criteria as defined by the clients. The search can be performed weekly, every fifteen days, or monthly or as per the requirement of the client.

Patent Legal Status Update

  • IBRSoluTions helps its clients for monitoring any updates on the prosecution and/or the legal status for a particular patent, a desired set of patents, a desired patent family, patents filed by a particular company or person, patents in a desired technology domain, etc as per the requirement of its clients. Our patent legal status update service enables our clients to accurately learn of the current status of an application. Such a service, rendering the minutiae regarding a patent application, not only equips the applicant with the relevant information regarding the application, but also prompts him towards the further prosecution strategy.

Patent Litigation Update

  • IBRSoluTions provides the patent litigation updates including any proceeding of the existing patent litigation or filing of any new suit with respect to a specific product or specific patent. The litigation updates of a specific patent or product helps you to stay ahead in the competition.

Patent Infringement Watch

  • IBRSoluTions helps its clients for keeping a close watch on recently marketed products and/ or technologies infringing on their patents and hereby helping them minimize the misuse of their valuable IP.

Patent Family Watch

  • IBRSoluTions updates its clients about the filing of all applications originated from a single invention in different countries.

Proprietor Watch

  • This service provides information regarding all applications filed in a given name and is reported on a monthly basis or as required. The application number, title and priority information in respect of each application is provided along with a detailed analysis report to track proprietor activities.

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