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IP Asset Management

Intellectual property is an economic asset and developing and managing IP is critical to sustain and grow in this ever changing competitive world. IP asset management helps to develop a strategic plan to strengthen the protection and leveraging of these intangible assets to increase revenues and identify new market opportunities without devoting large capital expenditures.

With the increased need for companies to better manage and leverage their intangible assets, our intellectual property portfolio & asset management practice offers a proactive and strategic approach to meeting these needs. IBRSoluTions provides IP asset management services to create, organize and prioritize the company's intellectual property assets.

IBRSoluTions provides the following IP Asset Management Services:

IP Asset Management Services
  • Patent Portfolio Management

  • Identifying & Assessing Potential Infringement

  • IP Opinion & Valuation

  • IP Due Diligence

  • IP Education & Training Services

Patent Portfolio Management

  • A patent portfolio is the list of patents owned by an individual or a company. Managing client’s own patent portfolio and comparing it to those of other companies is essential to helping client better to determine the economic value of their own patents and remaining competitive. Patent portfolio management help to identify opportunity and risks factors (e.g. growing markets/appearance of substitute technologies).

    IBRSoluTions offers complete and on demand patent portfolio management services to our clients. IBRSoluTions’s patent portfolio management services include:
    Identifying strategic patents and specific intellectual property assets
    Preparation of patent portfolio review reports
    Identifying underperforming patents for abandonment consideration to reduce the maintenance cost           of patent
    Recognizing opportunities of acquiring IP assets through licensing, acquisition, etc

Identifying & Assessing Potential Infringement

  • We conduct a detailed study of target products and literatures using a variety of technical analysis techniques in order to accurately collect and document the evidence needed to demonstrate patent infringement and help patent owners identify potentially infringing products in the marketplace. We collect evidence of use and prepare patent claim element charts to specific features of identified products and services, and provide an indication of the strength of patent infringement assertion which is critical prior to embarking on a patent assertion campaign.

IP Opinion & Valuation

  • IBRSoluTions provides commercial evaluation of intellectual property and inventions as well as professional opinion and valuation as to their legal and commercial robustness. Our IP evaluation team has the expertise in analysis of IP, particularly patents in the context of the global competition and range from summary assessments to formal legal opinions for due diligence.

IP Due Diligence

  • IP Due Diligence is a process that controls the buying, selling, licensing or franchising of Intellectual Property (IP) activities. IBRSoluTions works to analyze patent/product portfolio of a company (to be merged/acquired). The patent portfolio is analyzed to determine the compliance with procedural requirements of a patent office. Also, the patent portfolio analyzed to evaluate strength/weakness of the patents for determining IP opportunities and/or potential infringement threats.

IP Education & Training Services

  • Intellectual property protection has become the key factor for economic growth and advancement in the high technology sector and IBRSoluTions is committed in spreading Intellectual property rights awareness. We provide various educational seminars and workshops to create awareness about IP protection and increase understanding of the procedures involved in the patent registration process. We can also provide customized educational seminars for companies for their R&D teams and top management.

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