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Keep tracking the happening around you is a key to succeed in a business. Updating the management and R&D scientist about the business opportunities, new technology, new market entrant, new law, new regulation and as well as every movement of competitors helps them to take wise decision for a successful business. As the news is coming from wide varieties of resources, it is generally difficult for the management and R&D people to track down all the news relevant for success of their business. We provide all the news related to a specific project as per the requirement of our clients. We collect all the news from different sources throughout the globe and provide them to our clients in form of a report along with all the data from the sources.

IBRSoluTions provides the following News Update Services:

News Update Services
  • New Technology

  • New Market Entrant

  • New Laws & Regulations

  • Announcement & Movement of Competitors

New Technology

  • This service is designed specifically for scientists to keep them updated on the recent happening in pharmaceutical research. We provide periodic updates pertaining to various developments in a technology domain. The updates are customized based on client’s requirement; the updates include patent filing/issuing trends for a technology domain, publication in the journals, industry news and latest development based on IP case laws. We keep track of the latest developments in a technology of interest of your interest through keeping an eye on both latest patent and non-patent activity. Non-patent data includes journal publication, new product launch, business news, regulatory updates including (clinical trials, 510k filings, premarket approvals, recalls, adverse events, etc) and other client specific competitive data.

New Market Entrant

  • Keeping watch on market helps to stay ahead in this competitive world. A new entrant affects the competitive environment for the existing players and influences their ability to achieve profitability. When a new company enters your market, the variables that influence the performance of your business change and you have to react to maintain your position. IBRSoluTions provides new market entrant update service to keep you update for any new entrant in your product segment along with detailed analysis of strengths and weakness of the new product so that you can build your strategic reaction to the new situation.

New Laws & Regulations

  • Pharmaceutical Laws & Regulations relate to the creation, sale, distribution, and use of pharmaceutical drugs. These laws include intellectual property rights to protect drug manufacturers’ research, safety standards to protect the public from harmful side effects, restrictions on marketing drugs to the public, and rules regarding how drugs may be prescribed and distributed. These laws and regulations are instrumental to protect public health and to establish national health policies.

    Laws & regulations are usually written to meet present and possibly future needs. Pharmaceutical legislation and regulatory authority guidance is continually changing. These changes to legislation and guidelines, and the interpretation of them, can have significant implications for companies. Many changes require detailed planning to implement and failure to do so can result in serious compliance problems. As international pharmaceutical laws, regulations and guidance change at a frightening pace, keeping yourself update with the latest legislation is the only way to survive. IBRSoluTions provides pharmaceutical laws and regulations update services keeping you update all international pharmaceutical laws and regulations changes.

Announcement & Movement of Competitors

  • Keeping your eyes on your competitors is the only way to make sure that you are thwarting threats, taking advantage of opportunities, marketing effectively, and, ultimately, winning in the marketplace. Further, identifying new competitors and tracking their activities who could affect your company, products and brands, suppliers, and distributors. Knowing competition environment and preparing yourself for it is an important part of running a successful business.

    The best way to gain insight into what is going on in pharmaceutical industry to constantly keeping surveillance over the competitors, new market entrant, probable new players, new technologies relevant to the industry, any new financial transaction happening. IBRSoluTions provides competition watch services by closely monitoring the activities inside and around pharmaceutical industry and update you regularly to keep you ahead in your field. The news update service for completion watch ensures our clients to be well informed of competitor’s moves and strategy, and supports companies to stay ahead of the competition and to be the most successful.

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