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The cost of new product development is increasing day by day. Therefore, there is a greater need for market analysis and strategic decision making for new product development as a way of minimizing invested research and development cost and subsequently risk. Since innovation drives the market and innovation rests on intellectual property rights predominantly secured by patents, the patent analysis can become the cornerstone for market analysis and strategic business decisions. Patent analysis serves as an economical approach to determine a focused marketing area, risk of new product development, and potential value of a product.

Patent Analysis is an in-depth study of patents which includes (public) patents pending, issued, and abandoned patents/applications. Each study is composed of a comprehensive report consisting of a summary and detailed analysis including various graph and statistic and a customized database. Each report underlines trends and directions in the technology domain of interest and includes crucial information on key technology providers. A good patent analysis study will help you in the following aspects:

  • To evaluate R&D and product development priorities.
  • Identify new or prospective competitors in a business area or technology realm.
  • Observe patenting activity in some markets.
  • Whether to go for a patent filing or for a technical publication, or to keep the invention a trade secret.
  • Corroborate which inventions are current.
  • Identifying loopholes in research and development of competitors.
  • Tracking licensing opportunities
  • View the largest and smallest patent domains precision, assisting you to avoid patent infringement

IBRSoluTions provides the following Patent Analytics services:

Patent Analytics Services
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) Analysis

  • IP Risk Analysis & Clearance

  • Patent Citation Analysis

  • Infringement Analysis

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • Patent File-Wrapper Analysis

  • Expiry Date Analysis

  • Patent to Product Analysis

  • White Space Analysis

  • Markush Landscape Analysis

  • Design Around Analysis

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Analysis

  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) is identification and analysis of patent barriers before doing a particular act like making, using, offering for sale or commercializing of a new product or a process of making a product in a particular geographical region. The search involves finding and understanding the claims of in-force valid patents and potential patent application which are likely to be granted, to determine whether the product or process used is infringing the claims of the patent or patent application of interest. 

IP Risk Analysis & Clearance

  • We help clients analyze and avoid risks from IP of third parties. We also ensure that our client’s right to protect IP generated by the client is not lost due to certain measures or legal instruments.

Patent Citation Analysis

  • Several factors are taken into account to conduct citation analysis on a set of patents in a technical area of interest. Forward and Backward citation analysis of patents provide insights and ideas on patenting strategies of companies, potential infringements, strength of a technology and develop mechanisms on protecting technology.

Infringement Analysis

  • Patent infringement is a prohibited act of making, using, offering to sell, or selling of a patented product or a process without permission from the patent holder. An infringement search normally involves a thorough search and careful review of unexpired patents and potential patent applications in a particular region, to locate claims that read on the invention at issue and to find out a possible infringement problem with respect to the invention/product.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • Analysis of company patent portfolio gives you an overview of all patents belonging to a specific company. For instance, it can be an analysis of competitor patent portfolios in order to gain knowledge of their patents, main markets, the value of their inventions compared to other inventions in the same technical area and to find new business partners.

Patent File-Wrapper Analysis

  • File wrapper is a collection of all documents during the evolution of a granted patent from a patent application over the prosecution period. It holds a lot of valuable information which helps not only supports patent attorneys in licensing negotiations, litigation or infringement analysis but also in design around the patent.

Expiry Date Analysis

  • Though patents have a maximum term of 20 years, but the patent term may be different in different countries based on national laws. As the patent term can be reduced by terminal disclaimer, can be increased by addition of patent term adjustment, patent term extension, supplementary protection certification etc. We provide companies with details on patent expiry date in various countries globally.

Patent to Product Analysis

  • A product is typically covered by multiple patents. A patent search focusing on key features in a product will help retrieve the patents associated with its technologies. Identification of those patents that have already transformed into products and the remaining patents with substantially long patent term will help one to anticipate new products that are likely to enter the market. Such intelligence information allows clients to monitor and anticipate the kind of competing products that could hit the market and help them be prepared with an appropriate strategy.

White Space Analysis

  • White-space analysis is an in-depth analysis to identify the gaps or White Space in a particular domain of technology and then deliberating about how the gap may be bridged. White Space is a prerequisite to identify new research opportunities or to design an appropriate strategy and identify a market that may be exploited or even in identifying a ‘niche’ product.

Markush Landscape Analysis

  • Markush structures are important for drug discovery teams focused on developing new chemical entities. This helps to understand the chemical space covered in a particular area and helps in avoiding duplication of work

Design Around Analysis

  • Design-around analysis is conducted to identify various options using which a product’s design can be modified so as to avoid infringement on existing patents.

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