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In this competitive world, corporate bigwigs and startup firms rely heavily on patent licensing for their future growth and development and patent licensing is emerged as one of the core business functions in any organization. A well thought and timely in-licensing of patent can save millions being spent in research and development and on the other, out-licensing or cross-licensing of a patent(s) can generate revenues and maximize profit.

IBRSoluTions patent licensing support services helps our clients to come up with patent licensing strategies that help accomplish business goals. We help you turn your patents into opportunity and growth. We help our clients to generate commercial value from their Intellectual Property. We provide services from target identification for licensing to its valuation and from licensing to technology transfer to fulfill all licensing needs.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Patent Licensing Services:

Patent Licensing Services
  • Patent Valuation

  • Patent Out-Licensing Analysis

  • Patent In-Licensing Analysis

  • Patent Analysis for Product Out-Licensing

  • Patent Analysis for Product In-Licensing

  • Patent Licensing Opportunities Analysis

  • Patent Technology Valuation

  • Patent Technology Transfer

Patent Valuation

  • The value of a patent is the commercial utility that can be extracted from the use of the patent. The patent may be used to protect one's own products or to create licensing income. Economic value of patents is a critical factor depending on the reason for valuation. This value is especially important to businesses in transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, patent licensing, fund raising, business dissolution, bankruptcy and infringement analysis. From an inventor looking to raise capital so that his invention can move from the back room to the commercialization, to a technology leader attempting to put a price on its invention, to those that wish to license it, or vice-versa to those lagging in the market who realize that to stay competitive the best option available to them is to seek a license to the use of that new or improved technology. The value of a patent depends on the reason for the evaluation and who is exploiting the invention. In addition to monetary value, patents also have a non-monetary value. For example, they may improve the image of a company.

Patent Out-Licensing Analysis

  • Analysis of patent and patent applications is a must during patent out‐licensing. Patents or patent applications that are not strategic to a firm’s current or potential business or individual inventors those are intending to monetize their Patents, need to have a detailed analysis of their patented invention not only in terms of licensing fees but also future commercial barrier and success of their product originated from those patent to negotiate for a right value of their assets. We do comprehensive analysis of patents and patent application owned by the client which client wants to put for licensing. We also identify products or services that potentially infringe your patent claim(s), and thus classified as out-licensing targets.

Patent In-Licensing Analysis

  • When carrying out a patent evaluation for in-licensing, it is important not only to consider the patent as an exclusivity right, but also to consider its underlying technology, as well as the company's ability to use its complementary assets (i.e. its ability to commercialize the invention). We do comprehensive analysis of patents or patent applications which a firm wants to license.

Patent Analysis for Product Out-Licensing

  • Product out-sourcing is one of the key growth pathways in today’s competitive business world. But a patent huddle free product is always the best product to out-license. We do complete patent search and analysis for any product to be out-licensed. We also identify products which should be out-licensed based on the current patent scenario.

Patent Analysis for Product In-Licensing

  • In-licensing a product which will complement your business is a multi dimensional analysis. But patent analysis of the product is a key to that decision making. We do patent analysis for product in-licensing, evaluate patent pros & cons around the product and help the licensee to take right decision for in-licensing.

Patent Licensing Opportunities Analysis

  • We help you to analyze your patent portfolio across the technology landscape and identify valuable patents for the purpose of monetization/commercialization. Our research services and evidence of use analysis helps licensor to identify and close licensing opportunities. Our services are intuitively structured to identify strong patents in your portfolio, identify licensing targets, find evidence and build the case for licensing negotiations. In addition to this, we help in evaluating patents and explore new licensing opportunities to reap maximum benefits. We also help in exploring multiple revenue streams including technology transfer, sale, in-licensing, out-licensing and cross-licensing. We assist you in identifying infringers (other company’s products or services that potentially map on the patents), thus can be targeted for licensing opportunities.

Patent Technology Valuation

  • Valuation of patented technology is the most vital part during transfer of any technology. We conduct valuations of patented technologies, enhance the utility of related patented technologies, ensure well-ordered technology transfer transactions, provide commercial and technological security, promote the use of patented technologies, and help cultivate and grow technology markets. The validity or contestability of the patent and information about possible workarounds for the patented technology are also incorporated into the patented technology valuation.

Patent Technology Transfer

  • As investing in technology creation may be expensive and risky due to uncertainties linked to the innovation process, accessing the already established technology is the key to enter new markets, commercialization of a new product or service or improvement of an existing product or process and to get faster marketing of products and services. We do comprehensive analysis of patented technology like technology scouting, assessment, marketing and all other related activities.

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