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Patent is one of the most valuable assets of a technology company but at the same time patent infringement has become a serious concern for technology companies. Patent litigation is a complicated and often drawn-out process, mainly due to the difficulty in understanding, construing of claims, and explaining technical terms and concepts.

Patent infringement and patent validity analysis are key components in putting together an effective offensive or defensive patent litigation strategy. The very success of such complex patent infringement cases depends on the ability of litigation team to locate solid technical cues that can either prove infringement or validation of patent as offensive or refute the verity of infringing arguments or invalidate the patentability of asserted claims as defensive.

IBRSoluTions works in conjunction with attorneys to analyze issues at hand during litigation by taking into account the patent laws and the technology of the patents. We work closely with our clients and provide them with pre-trial and ongoing trial support. Whether you are on offense or defense, we can help your patent litigation team produce the most favorable outcome to your litigation case. We handle any substantive litigation task that can be handled remotely, including conducting pre-filing investigations, reviewing discovery documents, consulting on claim construction, preparing infringement arguments, developing invalidity theories, conducting legal research, drafting briefs, and more. We provide following patent litigation support services to help you achieve those desired outcomes.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Patent Litigation Services:

Patent Litigation Services
  • Patent Validity Analysis

  • Invalidity Searches & Contentions

  • Patent Infringement Analysis

  • Initial Case Investigation & Assessment

  • Pre-trial Investigation & Assessments

  • Patent Proofreading

  • Claim Chart Preparation

  • File Wrapper Review & Analysis

  • Claim Construction Support

  • Document Review Services

  • Expert Witness Support

  • E-discovery

  • Briefs & Opinions Review

Patent Validity Analysis

  • IBRSoluTions helps patent litigator and corporate houses as plaintiff to defend their patents against invalidation contentions of the defendant. We review and respond to the adverse party’s invalidity claims and expert opinions by finding out the technical differences between the patent in issue and provided prior art or expert opinion of the defendant. Our team of techno-legal experts reviews the prior arts and expert opinion both in technical and legal prospective.

Invalidity Searches & Contentions

  • An invalidity search involves both prior art search (patent and non-patent literature) and other legal non prior art invalidity contentions like antecedent and enablement issues, non compliance to duty of disclosure, providing false data etc. IBRSoluTions helps our clients as defendant to assert strong invalidation contentions by providing strong prior art as well different other invalidity contentions in an easy understandable report.

Patent Infringement Analysis

  • Analysis of company patent portfolio gives you an overview of all patents belonging to a specific company. For instance, it can be an analysis of competitor patent portfolios in order to gain knowledge of their patents, main markets, the value of their inventions compared to other inventions in the same technical area and to find new business partners.

Initial Case Investigation & Assessment

  • IBRSoluTions helps litigation attorneys to conduct an initial case investigation to determine, in the plaintiff’s case, if enough evidence exists to file a lawsuit or, in the defendant’s case, what evidence exists to defend a potential suit. We provide all sorts of supports to litigation attorneys and corporate to find out all the information, classify them and digging them well to find out the important information and provide them in easy presentable form.

Pre-trial Investigation & Assessments

  • IBRSoluTions offers a number of Pre trial investigation and assessment services that help client’s ascertain the strength and preparedness of the case. Services like e-discovery, document review, reverse engineering, teardown and code review help in further strengthening the case. We also assist attorneys in zeroing down on best possible claim construction and prepare charts that include intrinsic and extrinsic evidences.

Patent Proofreading

  • Any discrepancies in patents such as missing antecedent references, errors in cited references listing, incorrect status indicators, and inconsistent numbering of claims, incorrect names of inventors, attorneys or assignees, spelling mistakes, errors in specification, drawings and claims can change the total complexion of any patent litigation. We do detailed patent proofreading and analyze any discrepancies in the patent to help our clients to better prepare for the litigation.

Claim Chart Preparation

  • Our team of experts having years of experience that provides claim charts to assist attorneys and in-house counsels so as to help them in determining the scope of infringement. The claim charts provides a textual and graphical comparison between the claims of a patent and a Product/process which shows extent of overlap between the two.

File Wrapper Review & Analysis

  • File wrapper is a collection of all documents during the evolution of a granted patent from a patent application over the prosecution period. It holds a lot of valuable information which helps patent litigation attorneys in litigation or infringement analysis. IBRSoluTions offers to provide File Wrapper Review and Analysis services to clients. We provide all this important information in a brief so that it can be easily analyzed. The inclusions of this report are bibliographic details, legal and technical analysis of the entire life span of a patent. File history estoppel, if any, are also highlighted.

Claim Construction Support

  • Claim construction is the art of translating patent claim jargon into plain language. In other words, claim construction is the process of construing the claims of a patent to give them meaning, which meaning is then compared to an allegedly infringing device or method to determine infringement or to prior art to determine validity.

Document Review Services

  • Document review service is conducted to assist client in a litigation case. For this purpose memorandum, lab notebooks, technical specifications, scientific research paper/article, or any other document provided by the client are analyzed. From the pool of documents provided by the client, all relevant documents, which can support client's litigation case, are filtered and categorized. The documents are categorized as responsive and non-responsive, reviewing documents according to legal and technical issues and for their relevance, materiality, confidentiality and privilege, thereby providing a credible and cost effective model.

Expert Witness Support

  • IBRSoluTions helps law firms and corporations in preparing for expert witness testimony. We have the capability to analyze both technical and legal issues involved in IP litigation cases. We are involved in technical expert report writing and defense, opposing expert deposition of the opponent as a support to the success of patent litigation of our clients.


  • IBRSoluTions helps law firms and corporations in E-discovery for searching, gathering, and organizing the electronically stored information (E-documents) on a computer, network, backup, archive or other storage media from all the parties involved in a lawsuit with the intention of utilizing such information as evidence in the lawsuit.

Briefs & Opinions Review

  • IBRSoluTions reviews the briefs, opinions, adverse party’s expert reports and deposition summaries, dig them well to find out the loop hole to help the litigant attorney make his/her case strong. With a strong litigation experience, our team is very effective in delivering high standard review of deposition summaries and other legal document.

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