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Patent Preparation & Maintenance

Patent Preparation and maintenance is time consuming and highly demanding activity in the patenting process. It requires both expertise in science and law to draft a quality patent application and to prosecute. Further it needs to coordinate with multiple attorneys in different countries and align patent application according to various countries patent law Services.

IBRSoluTions provides patent preparation & maintenance services helping clients in various patent filing and prosecution processes. We provide accurate, consistent technical expertise and fast turnaround needed to build and protect patent portfolio. We advise concerning India and international patent rights, including drafting, filing, prosecution, and maintenance of Indian, PCT and foreign patents. We provide various patent preparation & maintenance services to get quality patent and protection.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Patent Preparation & Maintenance Services:

Patent Preparation & Maintenance Services
  • Patent Drafting

  • Proof Reading

  • Patent Filing & Coordination

  • Patent Prosecution Support

  • Patent Office Action Response Draft

  • Patent Maintenance

  • IP Renewals

  • PTA Calculation

  • Paralegal Services

Patent Drafting

  • We draft patent application including claims, specifications, illustrations and drawings in compliance with the requirements of various patent offices. We follow a comprehensive approach in which all possible embodiments of an invention, including current and future designs, are adequately claimed and protected.

Proof Reading

  • We do proofreading for both patent applications before filing, before publication of issued patents and also after issuing of patent for filing correction certificate. We analyze the patent application to check for the following- grammar, spellings, formatting, consistency, antecedent basis, claim dependency, claims and drawing consistency and consistency over all.

Patent Filing & Coordination

  • We collaborate with patent attorneys & agents globally to take care of patent filings in all jurisdictions required by our clients. We also help our client to customize the patent specifications, to meet local filing requirements and assist clients’ patent attorneys throughout the process of filing and maintaining the patent. We can handle all types of patent applications like provisional, regular, continuation, continuation-in-part, divisional Patent, additive etc. We do:

    Filing Indian Patent applications
    Filing PCT patent applications
    Filing Foreign Patent Applications through Partners

Patent Prosecution Support

  • We provide all the services required by our clients during the prosecution of a patent application. It includes preparing office action responses and petitions, review of prior art cited by the examiner, strategizing amendments for maximizing impact, inventorship corrections in applications and issued patents, preliminary assessment of earliest priority claims, patent term adjustment (PTA) review, preparation of petitions for correction, patent proofing, preparation of certificates of correction, helping your attorneys for attending hearing and tracking the application during examination till grant.

Patent Office Action Response Draft

  • IBRSoluTions team helps law firms, corporations and individual inventors in drafting office action responses for their patent applications around the world. We have the expertise in preparing a response to patent office objections/rejections requires high skill levels with a blend of techno-legal expertise.

Patent Maintenance

  • We offer a comprehensive patent maintenance program that accurately tracks the intricacies associated with patent laws, regulations, and help our clients to maintain their patent by paying the maintenance fee and other requirements as per the requirement of the patent offices across the globe.

IP Renewals

  • Patents need to be renewed at various time points throughout its life cycle and these time points are different in different jurisdictions. IBRSoluTions provides a dedicated team to monitor and manage a client’s patent renewals portfolio in partnership with their IP attorney directly reduces the administrative burden for the client. It removes the need for the client to check and maintain vital IP information such as the filing date, grant date, publication date, priority date and the associated reference numbers for renewal purpose in every relevant jurisdiction related to each case.

PTA Calculation

  • Patent term adjustment (PTA) is a process carried out by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for adding day-for-day credits to the normal twenty year term from filing of a patent application based on delays in prosecution at the USPTO. Though USPTO calculate the PTA, but we still find ways to assist attorneys in law firms and our clients alike find material errors done by USPTO during its calculation.

Paralegal Services

  • We assist our clients the best paralegal support to ease their works in filing and maintaining patents. These functions include: preparing for filing and filing drafted patent applications, monitoring the docket and sending reminders of upcoming due dates, maintaining file histories, handling PTO correspondence, client reporting, managing global filing requests and coordinating associate correspondence.

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