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Patent search is the process by which prior inventions or ideas are examined, with the goal being to find information that bears close similarity to a given patent or proposed invention. It is the most essential step before starting any product development or working on an invention. The documents searched during a patent search may include patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, such as the Web, product literature, and scientific journals and databases. In reality, a patent search is also a vital step performed by successful inventors even during the invention stage. Since creating something novel is so important when regarding patents, it is wise to first survey the marketplace as well as existing patents while creating the invention. Patent searches are one of the most important activities an inventor should do before filing a patent application. Therefore, performing a patent search earlier on will ensure that the invention is novel and patentable.

The reasons for performing a patent search are many like:

  • To know about the existing knowledge in the public domain.
  • To determine whether or not you can get a patent or if your invention has already been patented.
  • Getting a general idea of how an application and patent is structured to help in the preparation or your own      application
  • Learning more about a new field
  • For market information
  • Competitor tracking
  • Technology tracking

We are doing extensive patent search which includes patent database of various countries and PCT, Web, product literature, scientific journals, databases, various company site, university etc. Our patent search team is expertise in depth patent search and digging the searched documents in details. We are providing the data of our analysis and recommendation regarding the probability of obtaining the patent grant (patent copies relevant to your invention will be included) as per the requirement of the clients.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Patent Search services:

Patent Search Services
  • State of Art Search

  • Patentability Search

  • Validity/ Invalidation Search

  • Prior Art Search

  • Patent Claim Mapping

  • Competitor’s Patent Search

  • Patent Landscaping

  • Patent Mapping

  • Patent Family Search

  • Legal Status Search

  • Opposition Search

  • Chemical Structure Search

  • Bibliographic Search

  • Biological Sequence Search

  • Assignment Search

  • Citation Search

State of Art Search

  • A state of the art search is to identify the general state of art (technology) to a particular type of invention or subject matter. In other words, this study qexisting status of a technology domain with respect to a given problem area. State of the Art Search is used to help guide strategy at both an IP and corporate level and can help deliver long-term market advantage.

Patentability Search

  • Patentability Search is performed to examine whether the subject matter of an invention is patentable or not, based on the grounds of novelty, non-obviousness and utility, before preparing a patent application. A good patentability assessment ensures that the patent will not be rejected due to patentability criteria.

Validity/ Invalidation Search

  • A validity/ Invalidation search is a process of finding out the validity of claims in a patent. In other words, validity/ Invalidation search is to find ways to invalidate a patent. A validity/invalidation search is conducted by a client who is concerned about his product infringing a particular patent, so that the concerned patent can be invalidated.

Prior Art Search

  • A prior art search is a process of conducting an extensive search covering patent and non-patent literature, to identify prior art references/ literature, for the purpose of analyzing an invention with respect to various patentability aspects.

Patent Claim Mapping

  • Claims are the heart of a patent and understanding the scope of the claims is a must during patent infringement evaluation, patent litigation and patent licensing. As every essential element of claims is to be considered during evaluation of a patent infringement, claim mapping study is instrumental in analyzing potential infringement on any competitor’s patent.

Competitor’s Patent Search

  • Competitor’s Patent Search is search of issued patents and patent applications of a competitor to track down its strategies, the problem-solving approaches and future pipelines. The patent portfolio search report of a competitor helps to evaluate the research direction of the competitor and useful to guide for the business managers and R&D scientists to take wise decision for research direction and R&D expenditure.

Patent Landscaping

  • Patent landscaping is a comprehensive analysis of patent portfolio pertaining in specific area of a technology domain for exploring opportunities and challenges in that technology domain. The study gives a snapshot view of the technology development trend, key assignees and degree of protection/exploitation of the given technology domain.

Patent Mapping

  • A patent mapping is a process of graphical representation of the results of statistical analyses and text mining processes applied to relevant documents (Patents and Patent Applications) in a specified technology field.

Patent Family Search

  • The Patent Family Search locates those foreign and local patents that evolve from the same invention and, therefore, from the same basic application. We provide global status of an invention for its protection and indicate the existence of a similar corresponding patent of the same family. The search report provides bibliographic details of a desired patent of a patent family and helps in estimating the importance of an invention. This helps our clients to take decision about the launch of the product in various countries.

Legal Status Search

  • We provide legal status of granted patents and patent applications. The legal status search tells us whether a patent is in force and the complete legal status of the application in a particular country on a given date.

Opposition Search

  • Opposition Search is essentially a search performed to determine novelty or inventive step for employing of prior art in opposition.

Chemical Structure Search

  • Chemical structure search is the broadest search with respect to a particular molecule. It is the only sure-fire way to ensure a complete and thorough search and necessary to assess to the patentability of chemical compounds or a chemical series.

Bibliographic Search

  • Bibliographic search is done based on the specific requirement. Bibliographic search can be done by using various fields like application number, publication number, applicants, inventors, date of filing, date of publication, application priority date, priority application number, international patent classification (IPC), patent classification in different countries, agents, title, keywords etc.

Biological Sequence Search

  • Assessing patentability of biological sequence (nucleotide sequences like DNA & RNA, or amino acids sequences like peptides & proteins) is a key activity in biotechnology space with exponential growth in patent filing in this domain. Biological sequence search involves unique search process to identify all important patents and Non patent literature.

Assignment Search

  • The patent law provides for the transfer or sale of a patent or patent application by means of a legal document called an assignment. When the patent is transferred, the assignee becomes the new owner of the patent and has the same rights as the original owner. Assignment searches are designed to identify every patent document which has issued or published to a particular assignee or owner.

Citation Search

  • Citation search is conducted to identify players involved in related technology. Citation search can be used to assess patent value, determine licensing opportunities or evaluate IP strategy of companies.

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