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Product Intelligence

Product intelligence is gathering and analyzing information of a product. In the increasingly crowded pharma space, it’s critical to know what and how your competitors are developing. Having in-depth knowledge about a product enables to take right decision and assessing critical information from the Pharma market on pipelines, competition, deals, financials, forecasts, and company profiles gives a clear picture of the product.

IBRSoluTions delivers the pharmaceutical product intelligence you need in order to outperform competition. We provide the various pharmaceutical product intelligence solutions to succeed in the competitive healthcare sector.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Product Intelligence Services:

Product Intelligence Services
  • Product Summary

  • Drug Profiling

  • Therapeutic Class Profiling

  • Therapeutic Pipeline Intelligence

  • Therapeutic Landscape

Product Summary

  • A product which is approved in a particular country may not be approved in other countries. Likewise the dosage form, strengths, indications, active ingredient forms of the brand product, regulatory issues, key players as well as the Marketing authorization holders may vary from country to country. The already existing generics players in a market also play an important role in product pipeline selection of a generic company. We provides product summary as per the requirement of our clients which includes details of the drug product like dosage form, strengths, indications, forms of active ingredient, marketing holder, generics and regulatory issues etc. This service is helpful to understand the product and make wise decision to succeed in the business.

Drug Profiling

  • Drug profiling is performed to explore details on the targeted competitive products to enhance opportunity and assess market estimation before launching a product or in the middle of the research. Drug profiling includes

    Originator of the drug
    Other names
    Therapies and indications targeted by the drug
    Chemical information
    Target receptor
    Mechanism of Action
    Pharmacology data
    Associated Side Effects
    Mode of use
    Country information
    Approvals and
    Patent details and expiration (optional based on the client requirement)

Therapeutic Class Profiling

  • Therapeutic class profiling is clustering of drug profile of different drug molecules classified in a single therapeutic class. This helps gives a clear idea about the therapeutic class, the difference between different drugs in a single class and the competition between different drugs in the same therapeutic class.

Therapeutic Pipeline Intelligence

  • Therapeutic Pipeline Intelligence helps forecasting the competitive landscape of a drug, revealing new pharmaceutical strategies and identifying the potential collaborators. Therapeutic Pipeline Intelligence includes

    ISRCTN/Clinical trials identifier
    Name of Sponsor & Country
    Trial Title of the Trial
    Intervention drug (if any)
    Study type
    Study design
    Study Population Enrolment
    Study Start Date
    Study Completion Date
    Trial Locations
    Supporting organization/ institution

Therapeutic Landscape

  • Deep understanding of a particular therapeutic area (from both scientific and commercial perspective, including the pipeline) is necessary for a pharmaceutical company to play in that therapeutic area. We perform comprehensive therapeutic area and pipeline assessment for your chosen therapeutic category and provide pharmaceutical companies pharmaceutical companies a clear, comprehensive view of the therapeutic class drug markets, so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Understand the key market access barriers to your new drugs, including clinical guidelines, special authority restrictions, and detailed overviews of cost-effectiveness calculations and reimbursement decisions.

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