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Product Intelligence & Management

Product intelligence & management is a process of gathering and analyzing intelligence about the performance of a product from design and manufacturing till regulatory compliance, launch and marketing. Product intelligence accelerates the rate of product innovation, thereby making the product and its owners more competitive.

IBRSoluTions provide evaluation and advisory services for all aspects of your product from, above and beyond regulatory compliance. We gather information, convert it into intelligence, analyze strengths and weaknesses of products, marketing strategy and distribution, and provide various suggestions to create the next, improved iteration or version of the product. We help you build, maintain, and protect your brand with our offerings.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Product Intelligence & Management Services:

Product Intelligence & Management Services
  • Product Analysis

  • Product Identification

  • Product Portfolio Management

  • Product Pipeline Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Pipeline Extension

  • Product Launch Calendar

  • R&D Portfolio Management

  • Competitive Product Development

  • Product Out-Licensing Analysis

  • Product In-Licensing Analysis

  • Product Valuation

Product Analysis

  • Product analysis ensures product success through product evaluation and its comparison with competitor’s product. It is widely used by internal competitive intelligence, marketing, sales support, and field sales teams to promote their product showing superiority of products. Product analysis expands into the intrinsic factors that represent the art of a storage deal, with pricing for storage product components, storage software, service, and configurations. It includes in-depth technical specifications and a wide range of application tools like the custom configuration or quick compare.

    IBRSoluTions provides storage vendors with the intelligence and analysis to create winning price and product positioning strategies. We provide a full range of product analysis services that deliver crucial data you need to make informed decisions. These services help you deliver products that live up to retailer expectations, and help retailers provide products that perform as advertised.

Product Identification

  • The quest for great new products and services is never ending process. As market matures and technology develops, new customers demand for better product and services. To fulfill the marketing goals and objectives emerge, the need for products becomes apparent.

    IBRSoluTions provides product identification services by analyzing the market trends and customer behavior and helps clients identifying and planning for new product identification and development strategy. We look for market need, generate new ideas, screen them along with business analysis and propose the plan with in-depth insight.

Product Portfolio Management

  • The product and service portfolio is for many companies their most valuable asset. It is crucial that the portfolio is aligned with the overall strategy, is balanced when it comes to risk and product lifetime and that is has the ability to serve the customers’ needs. Products and services are the source of revenue and therefore excellence in Product Portfolio Management is directly related to the value creation potential of the company.

    IBRSoluTions provides product portfolio management services helping clients evaluating their portfolio to identify which products and services to focus on and which of them to sustain or phase out, in order to secure long-term profitability and growth, we help them to get ahead of competition through support in reshaping the product or service organization to meet new expectations from the customers, guide and support our clients in reviewing the marketing activities from an ROI perspective and identifying and realizing synergies over the different product or service lines. We help client successfully implement a robust enterprise Product Portfolio Management solution together with effective governance.

Product Pipeline Management

  • Product pipeline management is the determination of whether and how a set of projects in the portfolio can be executed by a company with finite development resources in a specified time. Fundamental to pipeline management is the ability to align the decision-making process for estimating and selecting new capital investment projects with the strategic plan.

    IBRSoluTions helps organizations increase the value of their product pipeline along with account for risk and uncertainty. We help companies to have a clear picture of innovation investments and expected return so that revenue targets will be meet. With the right practices in place, organizations can align business strategy and innovation roadmaps with development investments to maximize return on innovation.

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product life cycle management is a continuous enhancement of the innovation or creation processes for product/services/design of production processes, across the enterprise. It is a systematic approach to managing the series of changes a product goes through its entire lifecycle, from its design and development to its ultimate exit from the market and replaced with better products/services.

    IBRSoluTions provides product life cycle management services providing end-to-end services from developing a strategic roadmap of a product to implementation. We ensure you reach your customers faster and gain a competitive advantage enabling faster time-to-market, reduced cost of product development and product innovation. We work with organizations to deliver real business value and sustainable results from product lifecycle management. We help customers across the world to focus on bringing newer, better and more efficient products and services.

Product Pipeline Extension

  • A product pipeline is a series of products, either in a state of development, preparation, or production developed and sold by a company, and ideally in different stages of their life cycle. A robust near-term pipeline is essential along with strong in-market portfolio to sustain the business. Development of a brand new product or technology is a high risk and high cost proposition whereas extending the existing product pipeline is low cost and less risk affair. New competition is threatening branded products during their lifecycles whereas successful pipeline extension has added billions of dollars in new revenue to existing products while opening up new opportunities for growth.

    IBRSoluTions provides product pipeline extension services to prepare company in a better way to counter completion in future. We help our clients to evaluate how the existing product pipeline can be extended using new technology with less cost and less risk.

Product Launch Calendar

  • The product launch calendar is a calendar where you can layout every single detail of your pre-launch through the launch as well as continuing tasks after the launch to ensure that your business comes out of the gates as a success without any waiting. The product launch calendar includes the potential blocking patents with the expiry. We provide the launch date for a product in different countries so that the project can be start as early as possible to launch a product in time to gain maximum benefit.

R&D Portfolio Management

  • The increasing complexity of technologies, shorter product life cycles, globalization of markets, new business practices prompts firms to rely on R&D as a source of strategy. A balanced portfolio of R&D projects is need of hour to survive, grow and secure future prospect. R&D Portfolio Management helps strategic managers in evaluating whether a portfolio of products is adequate from the perspective of long-term corporate growth and profitability. It analyzes R&D projects portfolio by linking competitive advantages of an enterprise to benefits these projects may provide to customers.

    IBRSoluTions provides R&D portfolio management services helping companies to evaluate their technologies from a portfolio’s perspective and make them understand whether a portfolio of products is adequate for long-term corporate growth and profitability. We help R&D professionals from the world’s leading companies tackle common and emerging business challenges. Through unbiased guidance, practical tools and peer perspectives, we help clients drive growth by increasing organizational support for innovation and speeding transformational ideas to market.

Competitive Product Development

  • Keeping the product cost low and at the same time not compromising the quality and time makes the product more attractive and competitive. So proper systematic development encompassing interdisciplinary approaches, is the key to succeed. Competitive Product Development is a systematic method of making a company’s product development phase far more effective.

    IBRSoluTions provides competitive product development services helping companies to produce competitive products. We help at every steps of product development like product proposal, technically specification, time and cost management, optimization of existing products to correct problems with production costs or low profit margins. Our proposed working methods with shorter development lead times and additional lean-development principles helps companies to be competitive and stay ahead.

Product Out-Licensing Analysis

  • Product out-licensing is to obtain a return on investment for product development, to shift in corporate emphasis to concentrate on core products, to achieve faster development of the licensed product through the use of R&D grant-backs by the licensee and to expand into an export market niche through regional licensing.

    IBRSoluTions provides client with a phased, cost-effective way to out-license product for cash, royalties or quid pro quo. We help companies to develop and implement the out-licensing strategy. We help in complete licensing activities strategic planning, targeting of potential opportunities, contact with potential partners, negotiation and management of deals post-completion. We also facilitate product technology transfer.

Product In-Licensing Analysis

  • Product in-licensing allows a business to quickly expand its portfolio of potential products without the risks and costs involved with substantial R&D, to expand a business by in-licensing product that are complementary to those developed in-house. It accelerates sales and growth, and fills gaps in portfolios.

    IBRSoluTions provides product in-licensing services to help companies of all sizes identify, evaluate and negotiate in-licensing opportunities on a regional or worldwide basis, at every phase of development from early-stage to market-ready product. We have a proven track record of negotiating in-licensing agreements that lead to successful, mutually rewarding partnerships. We build strong understanding between two parties involved in the licensing process.

Product Valuation

  • A prerequisite of licensing negotiations is, understanding the product and IP value as well as the possible licensing deal structures available. Product valuation provides a solid basis for negotiation, and allows considering the key value inflection points in product development plan as well as the financial impact of different deal arrangements. Furthermore, understanding the financial impact of upfront/milestone payments and royalties on licensing deals can also be useful tools in the negotiation process.

    IBRSoluTions provides product valuation services to understand the products in an unbiased and independent way. We help prioritizing products, analyze the risk/return for each project and compare the needed investment with the potential return. We also help in potential licensing.

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