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Product Pipeline Evaluation

The product pipeline is an important indicator of the value and future prospects of a company and its evaluation is a vital source of information and analysis on the worldwide pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Also a pharmaceutical and healthcare company's pipeline of up-and-coming products is a critical factor in evaluating its investment potential.

The product pipeline evaluation and analysis identifies the essential developments shaping and driving the worldwide pharmaceutical and healthcare market. It also gives perception on the prevalent competitive landscape and the rising players expected to carry substantial shift in the market positioning of the existing market place leaders in a particular disease category. Most importantly, the evaluation provides useful perception on the pipeline merchandise for the particular disease category worldwide.

IBRSoluTions provides product pipeline service to both innovator and generic pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. We evaluate the number of pipeline products, those new drugs under development at various stages, their clinical trials. Secondly we consider the expiration of patents and exclusivity periods and estimate the number of branded drugs that will be subject to generic competition and potential impact of generic drugs on prescription drug costs.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Product Pipeline Evaluation Services:

Product Pipeline Evaluation Services
  • Insight Pharma Innova

  • Insight Pharma Generics

Insight Pharma Innova

  • Assessing the product pipeline is very useful for various prospects like approval of the product, competition in the market, value of the product for out-licensing, in-licensing or for joint development, evaluation of milestone payments and royalty etc. Further, assessing the pipeline is often the most important part of valuing a pharmaceutical company, and the most difficult. The value of a pipeline is the sum of the values of each drug in the pipeline. To assess the value of a drug in the pipeline one needs to consider various factors like- the size of potential market for the drug, how much market share the drug will be able to gain (depend on its cost and effectiveness compared to competitors), and the risk that it will not be approved.

    Insight Pharma Innova is the service by IBRSoluTions for pharmaceutical innovator companies and investors want to invest on new chemical entity. It tracks and evaluates drugs worldwide through the entire development process, from discovery, through pre-clinical and clinical studies to launch. It is common for companies to buy and sell drugs that are in various stages of development, or to enter into agreements to jointly develop or market drugs. In these circumstances one company may receive milestone payments from another for completing particular stages of development, trials and approval, as well as royalties on the drug once it is marketed.

    IBRSoluTions provides insights of new innovative pharmaceutical products helping our clients in various aspects like
    Monitor the progress of competitor’s R&D programs
    Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of compounds
    Assess the commercial potential of upcoming products
    Access key scientific data to support licensing opportunities
    Review success/failure rates of companies or technologies

Insight Pharma Generics

  • The innovator companies always try to prevent generic competition for sharing their market pie by various ways like ever greening their patent protections, extending their patent terms and many more regulatory incentives like pediatric studies, new strengths, new dosage forms, new indications etc. So product pipeline for generic companies depends on various factors like market size of the existing product, date of filing for regulatory approval, date of entry into market, competition from innovator and other generics, regulatory obstacles etc.

    Insight Pharma Generics is the service by IBRSoluTions for global generics market helping clients in product targeting, global business development and API sourcing. Created specifically for demanding professionals in generic pharmaceutical companies, OTC and API manufacturers, it helps clients to identify and evaluate new product development and licensing opportunities ahead of the competition for both small molecules and follow-on biologics. We provide our services to meet critical business challenges in today’s highly competitive global generic and API markets, which significantly enhance your competitive edge.

    Insight Pharma Generics help our clients to recognize potential barriers to market entry, and to plan product development pipeline effectively. We help to find the most appropriate business opportunities quickly and accurately in any pharmaceutical and Healthcare market throughout the world as per the requirement of our clients. We evaluate the product pipeline and prepare a detailed report about all advantages and disadvantages of the product. We identify niche opportunities that match strategic needs and unique research, sales or marketing strengths of our clients and help you to adjust research timing, priorities and resources based on active competitive intelligence monitoring. The report includes
    Market size, sales trends, competition for innovator and other generics
    Market share of similar products
    Critical patent, exclusivity and regulatory issues with candidate products
    Time line for product development, regulatory filing and launch in market
    API sources and availability
    API consumption data analysis and trends by region
    Profile of competitors, business partners, and candidate products for acquisition, alliances, licensing, or supply and manufacturing.

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