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Scientific Intelligence

Scientific Intelligence is process of gathering, storing and analyzing the scientific information. It is used by an organization to watch its scientific environment, in order to maintain its level of knowledge and to face various challenging issues. It helps making the company more innovative, more efficient, more compliant and more competitive.

IBRSoluTions provides scientific intelligence services to organizations helping them to understand specific science domains and progress toward useful applications based on that understanding. We use various techniques, methods, tools and resources to gather scientific information, analyze and enable a researcher with all the required scientific knowledge for better understanding of its scientific context.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Scientific Intelligence Services:

Scientific Intelligence Services
  • Scientific Literature Review

  • Non-Patent Product & Technology Landscape

  • Non-Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • Scientific Literature Watch

Scientific Literature Review

  • IBRSoluTions helps you to discover the latest innovations in your area of interest and identify the exhaustive literature portfolio on the given technology by identifying the published literatures. This Literature search and analysis helps you to trigger new idea of research, shape up research & development activities in the right direction, explore all the research activities throughout the technology, insight the failure of the existing technology through drop-out research and identify Research activities by universities and individual inventors on the given technology. We cover all areas of a specified technology combining all kinds of literature that ranges from peer-reviewed scientific Papers, Guidelines, Posters, Letters, Biography, Book, Commentary, Conference, Dissertation, Editorial, Historical, Preprint, Report, Review etc.

Non-Patent Product & Technology Landscape

  • Non-patent literature (NPL) references are more frequent in science-based technologies. Various studies have demonstrated that the average level of references to non-patent literature (NPL) is an appropriate indicator for describing the relation of a technology field to science. The analysis of patents from scientific institutions is limited by the small number of related patents. Companies primarily publish scientific papers in order to signal scientific competence to academic researchers. In this way, they get involved in the communication of scientific communities and have access to the most recent research results. In consequence, publications of industrial enterprises are appropriate indicators for the relationship between science and technology. Interesting aspects are, e.g., the relative importance of industrial publications in a special scientific field and its change in time. Direct research cooperation between scientific and industrial institutions is documented by co-publications. The publication analysis substantiates the cooperation between industry and academic. We provide NPL landscape analysis with respect to various aspects like product, technology and process of manufacturing product. NPL landscape analysis helps to understand the relationship between various non-patented product, technology and their processes.

Non-Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • Like patent portfolio analysis, analysis of non-patent literature (NPL) of any Inventor, Company, Author, Institution or University, gives a lot of information regarding the trends in scientific research, any new non patentable modification of the existing technology etc. IBRSoluTions also evaluates the strength of publications (of respective Inventor/ Company/ Author/ Institution/ University) based on the impact factor of the publication.

Scientific Literature Watch

  • This service is designed specifically for scientists to keep them updated on the recent happening in their areas of research. We keep track of the latest developments in a technology of interest or assignee of your interest through keeping an eye on latest non-patent activity. Non-patent data includes journal publication, new product launch, business news, regulatory updates including (clinical trials, 510k filings, premarket approvals, recalls, adverse events, etc) and other client specific competitive data. Considering that it is often impossible to read all the published papers regularly and keyword based searches are insensitive to junk, IBRSoluTions manually annotates the literature and regularly delivers only the literature matching your interest.

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