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  • Intellectual Property Research
    Intellectual Property Research

    Technologies and products are being developed at an extraordinary rate in today's competitive global marketplace; and defining and protecting innovation and creativity is increasingly difficult and complex. Intellectual property is becoming more global and complex, putting increasing demands on time and resources. Skilled counsel knowledgeable in the underlying sciences and technologies of innovations has become critical for protection of intellectual property.

  • Business & Market Research
    Business & Market Research

    Business & Market Research Solutions is high-end analytics & information solutions service enabling business leaders to achieve high performance by gaining insights for smarter decisions and significantly enhancing business outcomes. We provide global industry analysis, custom consulting, growth consulting, strategy consulting, and market research and forecasts that are designed to help your company grow.

  • Innovation Research
    Innovation Research

    The development of innovative products and the ability to quickly adapt to changes is important for enterprises in today's highly competitive environment. Innovation Management is a process of managing research and development (R&D) and innovation within an organization. Innovation Management is performed to capture innovation at every step of product development so as to ascertain that no inventive steps/ processes are missed.

  • Knowledge Research
    Knowledge Research

    IBRSoluTions helps you to discover the latest innovations in your area of interest identify the exhaustive literature portfolio on the given technology by identifying the published literatures and how science & technology is evolving in the specific domain over the period of time and the direction in which it is moving forward. This literature search and analysis helps you to trigger new idea of research, shape up research & development activities in the right direction, explore all the research activities throughout the technology.

  • Insight Pharma
    Insight Pharma

    Insight Pharma is an international full-service market research and forecasting group specialized in the pharma and healthcare market. This is a special arm of IBRSoluTions consulting for nursing the innovation and business of global pharma and healthcare industry. It provides pharma and healthcare market intelligence, trend analysis, forecasts and company profiles for the pharma and healthcare industry on a country-by-country basis worldwide. It provides special product pipeline service for pharmaceutical companies.

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