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Technology environment is becoming increasingly complex due to disruption and convergence of technologies, leading to shortening of technology life cycles. Understanding technologies and their opportunities and threats help organizations to innovate and succeed in the market. Technology Intelligence is an activity to capture and deliver technological information, insight, and foresight about the technological competitive environment to make decisions and strategic plans that can produce advantages for the organization. Comprehensive technology state of art analysis and road-mapping is one of key factor for the innovation decision making process.

IBRSoluTions provides Technology Intelligence services helping companies with the necessary knowledge to define and implement successful research and innovation projects, including a comprehensive analysis of technology state-of-the-art and trends, who’s doing what, most relevant stakeholders for the research interest, and a benchmark with competitors’ research activities. We help clients to get insights on technological and competitive environment before taking critical investment decisions.

IBRSoluTions provides the following Technology Intelligence Services:

Technology Intelligence Services
  • Technology Landscaping

  • Technology Management

  • Technology Strategy

  • Technology Scouting

  • Technology Roadmapping

  • Technology Portfolio Management

  • Technology Valuation Analysis

  • Technology In-Licensing

  • Technology Out-Licensing

  • Technology Watch

Technology Landscaping

  • Technology landscape helps to understand the technology trend, strength of competitors, to learn latest technology advancement and analyze the patent activity related to technology of interest based on patent filings/grants and to map the progress of technology. It identifies the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology and the strengths of its competitors.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology landscaping services helping the client to take important decisions and strategies involving the R&D of a product, investing into certain areas of technology, identifying patent trends, understanding the competitors' strategy amongst others, patent protection and product launch. We have team of experts having strong scientific background prepares technology landscaping reports based on appropriate classification to suit the purpose.

Technology Management

  • Technology management is an integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of technological products, processes and services to use technology for human advantage. It allows companies to manage their technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage. Continuous development of technology is valuable as long as there is a value for the customer and therefore the technology management function in an organization must able to find when to invest on technology development and when to withdraw.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology management services to help our client plan and establish technology management process to manage the technology needed for growth of the company. We analyze the role of the technology management function in your organization, value of certain technology for the organization and advise accordingly.

Technology Strategy

  • Technology strategy is required that aligns business with the technology needs of the enterprise which covers a company's overall objectives, principles and processes relating to the technologies in use. Establishing a proper technology strategies relate to changes in existing technology, the adoption of new technology, the efficiency of the company's spending on technology, how the company's employees and even their customers exploit technologies that create value, and the integration of technology-related decisions with the company's operating is the need of the hour.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology strategy services to establish and implement vision, road map and governance for developing and implementing the right technology strategy and achieving company's overall objectives, principles and target which address today’s business needs and support future growth. We help clients define their technology strategy and track metrics to quantify its effectiveness so that objective business decisions can be made with confidence.

Technology Scouting

  • Technology scouting is a systematic approach to gather information in the field of science and technology for facilitating or executing technology sourcing. Technology scouting is either directed at a specific technological area or undirected, identifying relevant developments in technological white spaces.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology scouting services establishing structured, focused approach to identify and acquire new & emerging technology. We support companies searching for information on recent available innovations and technologies to address specific technological needs, offer comparative analysis to evaluate the potential of an innovative idea or to acquire awareness of similar technologies already applied and exploited in other countries and/or companies. We also run audits to identify technological innovation needs and offer technology assistance to companies to reveal the most advanced technologies.

Technology Roadmapping

  • Technology roadmap is the technology pathways that show how incremental innovations, often happening in parallel, can add up to new technologies and products in the future. It highlights opportunities for breakthrough innovations to radically accelerate the R&D process.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology roadmapping services to help clients for planning short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions. We help clients to set the need of technologies for meeting key business objectives, forecasting technology developments, and providing framework to help plan and coordinate technology developments.

Technology Portfolio Management

  • A technology portfolio is a coordinated combination of technologies that achieve a common objective for the decision-maker. In order to maintain competitiveness, companies need to continually invest in technology projects but with limited resource an organization require to strategically allocate resources to a subset of possible projects. Technology portfolio management is the process of systematic management to the investments, projects and activities of an enterprise in technology space. It addresses the issues with spending on the development of innovative capabilities in terms of potential ROI, reducing investment overlaps in situations where reorganization or acquisition occurs, or complying with legal or regulatory mandates.

    IBRSoluTions helps companies for the planning and management of an investment portfolio in development and application of technologies. We establish process for our clients to manage technologies portfolio by considering ROI, strategic alignment, maintenance savings, suitability of resulting solution and the relative value of new investments to replace existing projects.

Technology Valuation Analysis

  • Technology valuation analysis is to assess the worth of an organization and to evaluate the effectiveness its R&D program by providing a quality estimate of the return it is getting on its investment in technology development. It also highlights trends in the various technologies and importance of a particular technology.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology valuation analysis services helping companies to estimate the worth of a company's technology. We provide technology assessments, including detailed road maps, current fair market values, and residual value forecasts, product marketing managers, sales professionals, procurement executives, financing and leasing specialists and analyze organization's return on investment for their R&D program.

Technology In-Licensing

  • Technology in-licensing allows a business to quickly expand its portfolio of potential candidates without the risks and costs involved with substantial R&D, to expand a business by in-licensing technologies that are complementary to those developed in-house, to enable a company to obtain rights in platform technologies to assist in internal R&D activities and to obtain a license to avoid an infringement action by a third party. It accelerates sales and growth, and fills gaps in portfolios.

    IBRSoluTions provides technology in-licensing services to help companies of all sizes identify, evaluate and negotiate in-licensing opportunities on a regional or worldwide basis, at every phase of development from early-stage to market-ready product and some real cutting edge technologies. We have a proven track record of negotiating in-licensing agreements that lead to successful, mutually rewarding partnerships. We build strong understanding between two parties involved in the licensing process.

Technology Out-Licensing

  • Technology out-licensing is to obtain a return on investment for technology development, to shift in corporate emphasis to concentrate on core competencies, to generate income from lazy patents and a good early stage technology not meeting criteria for investment and development, to achieve faster development of the licensed technology through the use of R&D grant-backs by the licensee and to expand into an export market niche through regional licensing.

    IBRSoluTions provides client with a phased, cost-effective way to out-license technology for cash, royalties or quid pro quo. We help companies to develop and implement the out-licensing strategy. We help in complete licensing activities strategic planning, targeting of potential opportunities, contact with potential partners, negotiation and management of deals post-completion. We also facilitate technology transfer and technology portfolio building.

Technology Watch

  • We provide periodic updates pertaining to various developments in a technology domain. The updates are customized based on client’s requirement; the updates include patent filing/issuing trends for a technology domain, publication in the journals, industry news and latest development based on IP case laws.

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